Thursday, December 22, 2011

good news

I am not very good at pandering to the very compelling need to hear that there is good news in the offing ... gold at the end of some rainbow of effort. In spiritual life, the good news bears abound, catering to the human longing for intellectual or emotional peace. It's understandable, but the fact is, I'm no good at it. I may love you, but I am unwilling/unable to make nice.

Yes, dear friends, you will go to heaven when you die -- don't doubt it for a minute!

Yes, dear friends, there is a boundless joy to be found if you'll practice one thing or another ... and put a little money in the plate along the way.

Yes, dear friends, there is enlightenment, compassion, clarity, peace beyond compare, 77 virgins, a god who loves you beyond measure, a composed and serene outlook ... come see!

But the good news is better than this hug-festival of good news. The good news is that there is neither good news nor bad news. There is just this news and getting your knickers in a twist about it is not necessary. Possible? Sure. Necessary? Not on your best or worst day. The bad news, in ordinary terms, is that everyone figures this out and actualizes it at his or her own pace, if at all; you are responsible ... read 'em and weep.

And if you believe me (or anyone else), you are worse off than I imagine.

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