Wednesday, June 19, 2019

something for Japanese women

Sort of.... 
Women outperform men after Japan medical school stops rigging exam scores. Juntendo University says abolishing unfair treatment of women is behind rise in entrance exam scores.
 And speaking of 'rigging,' in my neck of the woods, the local Roman Catholic Bishop is headlined across the top of page 1 in my hard-copy newspaper: "We know we can do better."

The Japanese plan to level the playing field for women ... well, sort of.
The Roman Catholics are going to tighten the screws .....

Of the two, I believe I would bet on the Japanese reconfiguring their attitude towards women before I would believe the Vatican would clean house. The Catholics have the unenviable task of relinquishing their hold on power -- a synergistic love of power among the Roman Catholic power brokers and a lay constituency that loves their leadership.

The Vatican may hem and haw, but there will never be reform until they rebuild the house from the ground up. Power brokers simply will not give up the current structured settlement in which the clergy stands between Man (and did I mention his wallet?) and God. Yes, a little tugging at the hems, at little investigative tuck here or there, but not the central power, the position, the grandeur that pleases both the aggrandizer and the aggrandizee.

Yes, we can all do better.

Yes. pigs will fly.

Religion is slip-sliding towards a different animal. Not soon, perhaps, but a real re-visioning of man and his god(s). Clear the lot! Start anew. Set aside the moral and intellectual brocade.

PS. From here on out, I do hope those reading this blog will greet my words with doubt, if not outright scorn: I simply do not have the intellectual coherence/energy to make things fit. I associate and lack the coherence tools. It's not gonzo ... it's just my taste ... all of it.

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