Sunday, August 11, 2019

a time of dis-ease

In all, unless I am simply displaying these waning years, this is a time of unkindness, uncertainty, and a rise of barbarism. The joy and juice, however ill-founded, has been squeezed and reshaped and turned into a monetized quantity. Donald Trump is president and blessings are missing.

Use of words like "democracy" and "unacceptable" go un-examined or, when examined, are examined by those unwilling or unable to examine faithfully and with caring. It is a rag-tag sad time of unkindness and uncertainty and barbarism. My country feels prodded and edgy.

It is all very tiring. Trump became president vowing to "drain the [political] swamp." His tenure has repopulated it in spades.

I note with some interest his left hand as he descends from the presidential helicopter/plane ... the apparent need for balance and purchase. Is the 73-year-old feeling his age, perhaps?

Dis-ease is tiring.

Lack of policies is tiring.

Walls and guns and mass shootings and shooting of blacks that seems to rival Israel's willingness to fatally shoot knife-wielding Palestinians, excoriation of those trying to enter the country, white supremacy ...

I no longer read the news with care because the news now resides in the future ... how dumb is that?


  1. As with most worthwhile things, politics take time, thought and style.

    There are many ways to view this situation flowing from the current White House.

    I suggest a willingness to focus on facilitators.

    Within any group there are rather good people and rather bad people. Leaders emerge among the rather good and the rather bad.

    Sadly among the Republican Party no Rather Good Leaders are emerging. The silence signals tacit support. The silence means Impeachment will not lead to removal.

    So we must be patient and do what we can to oppose Trump’s every move as the Primaries wind their way around the country. Hopefully, a Rather Good Leader will emerge.

  2. I too read this blog with a tinge of carelessness.