Friday, August 2, 2019

incoherent muttering

"Giving it away" churns lightly in my mind ... giving it away before the war ... giving it away because life is easier that way, when someone or something else smooths the way yet again. Giving it away as in "artificial intelligence" that does the work we claim to hate, or the ascendance of drugs (marijuana at the moment) that smooths and soothes a way that is barely bumpy.

Bit by bit and drip by drip ... giving it away so that things will be easier when 'harder' is what builds muscles and character. When things are easier, of course, they are not really easier. They are harder. It's harder to reclaim what you have given away.

If you give it away long enough, eventually it is gone. The cars drive themselves and there is little or no thought of driving them. The boxes are folded by machines. The fruits are ripened with a magical spray that makes them 'look like' something that was once gritty and dripping with perspiration.

Today, I plan to call a financial counselor and ask if he can take some of my meager retirement funding and put it into marijuana. Drugs will be around a lot longer than the internet or fossil fuel. Gathering the bits and pieces of easiness. Shunning the bits and pieces of hardness. Drugs -- booze included -- are the wave of the future and if that's the way of the wind, I figure it might as well blow my sails, corrupt as that may be.

In Russia once, a young Muscovite said to me, "Russians have always leaned towards a strong leader." Artificial intelligence is a strong leader, is it not? And likewise drugs. Both make life easier ... until the hardness of it all dawns. And it is here that the war begins -- trying to claw back what may be gone forever. Life gets easier and easier and easier until it is less productive than tits on a bull.

And then there is an eek of despair. I gave away the hard stuff in order to find out what is harder still ... the easy stuff. Muscle and character give way to flaccid and weak.

Is it true? What the hell -- I'm just muttering incoherently. I'd better eat something for breakfast.

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  1. So, who's the Apple Computer of the Pot Industry?

  2. Eat some real food, skip the opium.