Monday, August 5, 2019

life before/without the internet

Interesting essay maybe:

In this age of uncertainty, predictions have lost value, but here’s an irrefutable one: quite soon, no person on earth will remember what the world was like before the internet.... When that happens, what will be lost?
Lonelier ad lonelier and lonelier  ... shunning real people and going for the printed facsimile which is no facsimile at all. Sucking the juice out of the complexities that make friendship a wonderful boon and a terrible pain in the ass. Everything and everyone keeping a distance from others until finally those distances are bound to claim the day.

It's above my pay grade.


  1. The linked essay on the Guardian was quite good.

    I am at a loss as to your loneliness reaction.
    I tend to think that the feelings of isolation and loneliness are a function of something else. Fear? Shyness? Laziness? Ignorance? Mental / Emotional problems?

    In part, perhaps, these feelings are temporary until one realizes the limitations of the current technology.

  2. I still remember the time I receive aplenty of pay, when the retrenchment exercise came the horror on the faces of everyone freaked me out. It was lonely, but worse than loneliness was the question of where or what friendship was when survival was at stake. I still keep faith in friendships, though I still pop by this blog because a friend in you whom I have never met before still resonates most than all the friends I met.