Friday, August 9, 2019

the Binkie Generation

Given today's sensibilities, sometimes I wonder how I ever stayed alive long enough to type this line. I grew up and learned to drive a car before there were the caring wonders of the automobile seat belt that is as much a part of getting into a car today as turning the ignition key. How did I, and millions more like me, survive? Yes, Virginia, it is possible to drive without a seat belt.

These days, the Binkie Generation will tell you of all the benefits and caring that a seat belt represents. They will retail the caring and safe-living attributes with cap-toothed smiles. You positively need the seat belt ... and yet millions lived without it. How is such a thing possible?

The Binkie Generation is my latest moniker for what others call Mellennials. The Binkie Generation is the one that cannot step into any given day without a cell phone in hand; the ones whose "friends" exist on a small screen, yet not so much in real life.

Cell phone, needing a shave air force glasses, and a plan for how to improve things without getting mixed up, confused, angry and -- oops -- joyful. Friends on a small screen are what once were friends on the hoof, up-close-and-personal, unpredictable. No friends, but lots of "friends." Imagined mother's milk replaces actual mother's milk. Nothing messy or contradictory about the small screen where all the latest "friends" coagulate. Small screens lack halitosis: Is that a blessing or a curse?

The Binkie Generation.

There is nothing wrong with a cell phone any more than there is anything wrong about seat belts. It's when anyone starts believing that "friends" are friends that the problems arise. Cell phones are neat and clean. Life, by contrast, is messy as hell, or can be. Seat belts can minimize damage ... but they can't abolish it or be the cure-all.

When the electricity goes off, will the Binkie Generation be able to find its own ass with both hands?


  1. “When the electricity goes off, will the Binkie Generation be able to find its own ass with both hands?“

    Begs the real question:
    Will You?

    Maybe it’s me but all the millennials and post millennials I know are really smart, knowledgeable and curious, and at least moderately ambitious.
    Binkie Generation, my a&&!