Sunday, December 1, 2019

an era of perpetual rug burn

Catullus: "Ave atque vale."
Donald Trump, erstwhile president of the United States, made a trip to be with the troops in Afghanistan on this just-passed weekend. Congress headed home for a holiday break in the midst of impeachment hearings that are threatening to wear out even the most caring democrat.

Skitter-skattered along the news wires I skim, like left-over confetti from last night's party, there are the Joe Six-Packs and oenophiles alike saying what I certainly feel -- it's all too much. Everyone's divided.
Benito Mussolini
The sense of one-ness that might underpin an impeachment hearing is missing in action and hence Donald Trump -- savvy liar. moral coward, and ignoramus extraordinaire -- shows signs of winning. Touching base with what might be patriots in Afghanistan, lining up the troops who may prove necessary to his cause -- the blood cause, the new civil war, the rise of ignorance, Trump, like Mussolini and other dictators, touches base with the guys and gals who have the guns.

But it's so damned tiring ... and not just because I am an old fart, a skim of the wires suggests. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. And Donald Trump, the purveyor of bleah, may be the only salvation. Where is George Carlin when we need him most?

Ave atque vale!

An era of perpetual rug burn.

I, like others (boozers and non-boozers alike) seek some healing... and, as mis-attributed to P.T. Barnum, "there's a sucker born every minute." Me too -- another sucker. Trump engineered the era. A money man. And just look at those who aided and abetted him. Love my country? Horseshit!


  1. For something of a tonic to fortify us for the balance of the Trump days ahead, when you can, catch the movie about Mr. Rogers, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood."

    Until then read the story it was based on,

    See also

    While I had looked forward to seeing this movie, it was actually much better than I expected.

    Without saying so, it speaks to the benefitdps of the once cherished notion of cultivating virtue.

  2. I'm not sure exactly why, but "Mr. Rogers" always made my stomach turn ... an egregiously loving phony who discounted the bullshit meter that kids have a tendency to bring with them.

    Just a minority view.

  3. Given the amount of demonstrable cruelty in the world, I suppose any ray of light may be applauded. But this guy has got safe-sex written all over him ... and maybe safe-sex is just the ticket.