Thursday, December 12, 2019

rewriting American history

It was my now-dead Army buddy Bill McKechnie who reworked the wit and witticism sometimes attributed to American 'founding father' Benjamin Franklin:
Early to bed
And early to rise
Makes a man healthy,
Wealthy and wise.
McKechnie's rendition -- announced after what I can only assume was a night of too much beer, carousing and giggling:
Early to bed
And early to rise ....
And you never see any of your friends.


  1. Franklin fanboy here. Ben would have agreed with your friend.

    At the time, without instant media, Franklin could easily sell his books and avoid scandal due to the inconsistencies of his lifestyle with Poor Richard’s. (Personally, there must have been a Franklin Rumor Mill, as well read folks pulled together his various ideas and some could appreciate his wisdom and humor.

    “Mr. Franklin, sir, it is time for your air bath.”

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