Sunday, December 22, 2019

"Scar of Bethlehem"

Wissam Salsaa, the manager of the Walled-Off Hotel, pictured with Banksy’s Scar of Bethlehem. Photograph: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP via Getty Images           

Banksy’s latest piece – the artist’s take on a nativity scene – has been unveiled at a hotel in Bethlehem.
The Scar of Bethlehem features a nativity scene with Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus, but instead of a star hanging over the crib there is what appears to be a large bullet hole piercing an imposing grey wall.

1 comment:

  1. Message is too vague for my taste. Why take gun violence out on baby Jesus?

    Christians aren’t the only ones allowing and even encouraging violence. And then not every Christian is majorly hypocritical.

    Now this one Parliament as Chimpanzees is more to my liking.

    American Congress could be similarly depicted as an assembly from The Planet of the Apes.