Wednesday, April 8, 2020

if there's nothing to say, don't say it

Last night, when the White House news briefing got under way at about 6 p.m., Donald Trump took to the podium and I reflexively muted the sound. I knew that the president of the most powerful country on earth would have nothing of consequence to say about the epidemic which sounds so much better if it's called a "pandemic.". Imagine that ... arguably the most powerful man on earth and nothing to say ... nothing of fact, nothing of comfort ... nothing.

Slowly, the entire news panorama slips slowly into the realm of "if there's nothing to say, don't say it." Trump's ability to sympathize, to empathize or even to read is "challenged" so to speak. He sucks, is the English for "challenged." Here is one situation he cannot buy off ... lord, bring back the girls with the tits or perhaps a juicy impeachment 'hoax' -- he can cope with that .... sort of.

Various more competent politicians and scientists seem worth listening to  ... but not really all that much. Sickness tolls, death tolls, U.S. tolls, worldwide tolls, supply shortages, masks, over-worked workers. People seem to have hunkered and bunkered a "distanced" themselves without much prodding.

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  1. A fair attempt at laying out Trump's Gaslighting Technique: