Friday, April 3, 2020

romcom alley

Quite independent of each other, my Zen friend Dave and I have both limited ourselves to one or two dips daily into the Coronavirus epidemic. News is routinely the same. Deaths/Shortages/and a yearning it might all end. Talking heads are running out of talking. Why bother?

Dave also said that he did a little zazen or zen meditation and it helped to clear the cobwebs.

What does anyone know when they know "more?" In what way are they lacking when they know
"less?" Is a splinter under a fingernail any less irksome for a well- or ill-informed individual?

And Dave and I swapped tales of the romcoms we have found to while away the time ... seriously.

1 comment:

  1. Unbelievable!

    Why earn a Doctorate?
    Why do research?
    Why Complete 1700 Koans?

    Let your jewelry making neighbor perform open heart surgery on you? Sure.
    Not me!

    "No ignorance and no end to ignorance" does mean to cherish wilful ignorance.

    By all means enjoy your RomComs.
    By all means do not allow yourself to needlessly experience sensory overload.
    Of course "meditative" practice like Yoga and Tai Chi can help with stress. So can a form of Zen Meditation. See Bompu Zen.
    Just watching an hour of CNN may be all the news CNN has to offer, but at lot more is happening that is not being reported. As always it is better to seek out information, preferably systematically, than passively consume whatever is piped over the TV channels.
    Also, when possible, communicate with people.