Wednesday, April 29, 2020

the Republican tax break

I just want to be on the record: No matter what happens, no matter what lumps and bumps occur in the Donald-Trump milieu .... no matter what

The Republicans got what the Republicans wanted: A tax break for the the Republicans, same as George Bush got them. All the frou-frou and all the talk and all the investigations in the world and STILL the Republicans got their tax break. Everything else is piss in a snow bank. Let the chickens cluck around in the dust -- oh it's so important, oh it's so important!!!! --

The Democrats haven't got the balls to call the Republicans out on supply-side economics, no matter how many times it is disproven as a way to raise all ships.

I can't say as I blame the Republicans for tittering behind their lace hankies. What a bunch of fools.

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  1. Take your pick:
    "Money money money money!" By The O'Jays
    "Money money money" By ABBA

    I used to laugh at “devout" Asian Buddhists praying first for prosperity for the family. They even are relatively generous to the monastic community.
    I don't laugh anymore.

    "Time is short.
    "Without care and wisdom opportunities are lost.
    "Strive to awaken!
    "May we all become Compassionate Billionaires."