Monday, April 6, 2020

so, about the 'so' syndrome

When I was a kid, lo these many eons gone by, stuttering was considered an "impediment" that sufferers attempted to overcome. Stop saying "unhhhhh."

The same was true for news reporting -- stop adding on the largely-bullshit connectives like
"meanwhile." Keep things thin, trim and direct.

Nowadays, the tables have turned and people are positively flocking to the use the the bullshit connective "so....." Each declarative sentence is prefaced by the word "so." It sounds good and it means nothing whose vacuum stuttering sought to fill.

So ... today I did nothing much of anything. So, I slept, of course. So I ate. So the excitement of my day was filled with opportunities to tack the word "so" onto perfectly understandable sentences. Talking heads of all stripes -- news, non-news, etc. -- all participate.

How're things going?

Er, unhhhhhh, meanwhile ....


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