Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Remembering the movie, "Zen Noir," a quirky film that wasn't quite as good as it wanted to be and yet had some wonderful bits, made me think of the calamities that strike in people's lives.

Wracking, seething, no-fucking-way-out-of-it calamities. A death, a disease, a loss, a drug disaster, a divorce ... it's just indescribably H-U-G-E! Every cell burns.

And still, as the movie pointed out, the orange is sweet.

PS. One of the best lines in the movie comes from a lay nun who, when asked what it means to be a "lay nun," replies approximately, "It means someone who takes her vows very seriously but can still get laid."


  1. love it! I know a young woman who just had her head shaved but hasn't taken the leap into ordination. This is going to make her smile.