Sunday, January 10, 2010

hubba-hubba Zen center

I just finished skimming down a blogger web site dedicated to a Zen center in Maryland. It was bright and chipper and had much of what you would expect by way of Zen commentary and invitation. Come...on...down! And who could fault it? Not me.

But to the extent that I have any hopes for internet spiritual life and the nudges I would prefer to give ... well, despite the fact that I have a web site and a zendo where people are welcome to come and sit, still I would prefer that any writing/promos I do encourage people to think about their own lives in their own ways. I use the word "I" as much as anything so that people can either sympathize or see what a total nitwit I can be ... for their purposes.

I don't suppose there's much difference in what I do and chirpy Zen center promos, but it feels different in my head. Not better or worse, just different. No one needs my foolishness in order to get out of bed in the morning ... but on the other hand, maybe that foolishness will suggest a way not to trip over their own shoelaces.

Just noodling here. Different strokes for different folks. I am lucky, at the moment, not to need the money ... though, of course, if it's burning a hole in anyone's pocket, I'd be happy to provide an address. :)

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