Sunday, January 10, 2010

the honeypot

There are spiritual traditions in which the weaknesses and sins of the follower are more or less a fulcrum for that tradition and its continuation.

But, more than sin, weakness and mistake, I think I fear the accumulation of virtue and merit and power ... a terrible honeypot.

Sin and weakness and mistake can be revised, but who will be wise enough to correct merit and virtue and goodness?

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  1. I actually spend time thinking about this, or rather, visualizing. An avoidance of the lure of the 'Dark Side' is apparent (everywhere -- in all our myths and fairytales and weekend movies), but avoiding the lure of the 'Light Side' seems counterintuitive. I guess the Light we're aiming for is the One that contains it all. And the difference can seem so subtle that it is difficult to see. We have little in the way of 'Beware' signs in this direction.