Monday, January 4, 2010

get thee behind me, Buddhism!

'News' commentator Brit Hume has suggested that pro golfer Tiger Woods would be well advised to turn away from Buddhism and seek forgiveness for his fuck-up-a-firestorm ways in Christianity.

Since a majority of Hume's audience is likely to be Christian-oriented and equally likely to be poorly-informed about Buddhism, I imagine he will be unscathed by any suggestion that he reflect on his own ignorance or that he review the damage he has done to Christianity by making such a suggestion: Ignorant assholes do no good for any faith and yet each faith is largely constructed for ignorant assholes.

Buddhists, if I get it correctly, are tugging their humble forelocks in an effort to remain serene and yet kick Hume's butt. Good! Let them simmer: It'll do them good to think that one through.