Monday, January 18, 2010

comfort and belief

For those inclined towards spiritual endeavor, I wonder if it's true: To the extent that anyone might feel comfort or belief or comforted by beliefs ... to that extent exactly it would be a wonderful encouragement to return to practice.

Who would not comfort the weeping child and who does not weep in one way or another precisely as a child weeps? The uncertainties and suffering that this life can dish up are potent and sometimes overwhelming. Who would not comfort or seek comfort in such circumstances? Only a constricted and contrived heart would be immune.

Emotional, intellectual comfort.

Emotional, intellectual belief.

But also ... when have emotion and intellect ever provided an abiding peace? Doesn't this question need to be asked and answered if anyone were to find a way that was not just a repetition ... a hamster-wheel of living?

OK ... no one wants to become a zombie.

But by the same token, some people tire of their own hamster wheels.

For this reason, perhaps, the Zen teacher Ta Hui once observed approximately, "I have always taken a great vow that I would rather burn in the fires of hell for all eternity than to portray Zen as a human emotion."

Practice ... it's the only option I can think of.

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