Sunday, June 27, 2010


Not much sleep last night.

Not much energy.

But skimming over various internet threads, it occurs to me how easy it is to get caught up in dithering along the edges of spiritual life. Let's change things. Let's make improvements. Let's uncover deep meanings. Ain't it awful? Ain't it corrupt? Ain't it shamefully wasteful and cruel? Let's hold out hope for a brighter tomorrow.

It's all pretty good encouragement, perhaps, but it's also a grand way of sidestepping the effort that might assure a more peaceful time. If virtue is allowed to gain some brilliant seat, how could this ever do much more than perpetuate what people seek to improve? Of course it sounds good ... but does it work? Does it reveal or is it simply a feel-good way of concealing?

No sense trying to talk someone out of their fondest hopes, but that doesn't mean we need to join the chorus.

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