Monday, June 14, 2010


A ratting-around night trying to sleep or at least get comfortable provides what I imagine will be another 'doc day.' There are some heart problems that need addressing -- probably beyond the pills that doctors these days so freely dispense.

Interesting how the body knows things that leave intellect and emotion in the dust. The body knows and there is simply no discussion necessary.

In the midst of racketing around last night, the name "Karlovy Vary" refused to get out of my mind. I couldn't remember where I had read it or what it meant, but it repeated itself often enough so that I looked it up on the internet when I finally did get up. All it means is Karlsbad in western Bohemia of the Czech Republic.

What brought it to mind was a complete mystery.

The body, however, was not a mystery at all.

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  1. Hi Genkaku

    Whilst we have never met, I clearly follow your blog and insightful contributions to ZFI, and just wanted to convey my best wishes to you.

    Andy (nw England)