Thursday, March 31, 2011


How angry he must have been! How positively enraged!

A former South African rugby star was brought into court and charged with ax-murdering three men he believed had raped his daughter and infected her with HIV, according to the BBC.

At least one of the bodies was decapitated and the head found in a dustbin almost 2km (1 mile) away.

No one can talk their emotions into submission. All the goody-two-shoes blather in the world cannot still the restless and sometimes volcanic heart. But there is the possibility of watching -- of paying close attention to the anger or love that can sweep up like a tsunami and leave us gasping for air.


  1. Did you hear the latest update - the child rape link was not true. He doesn't have a child. His lawyers are claiming mental problems.

    Of course your point is valid regardless but as the context for the news story - FYI

  2. If she had been raped and infected...he did right.