Friday, March 18, 2011

"Stranger than Fiction"

Stumbled across and was sucked into a 2006 movie called "Stranger than Fiction" last night. It tells the quirky tale of a fellow who becomes aware that his life is being shaped by a frazzled female author who hasn't written a novel in 10 years. The voice in his head is mirrored by her words on the page. It was less stick-figure than "The Truman Show."

The plot is summed up by others better than I could, but I found "Stranger than Fiction" touching, profound without the prating, and strangely delicious. Most of all, it had what a lot of movies relied on 50 years ago and seldom display today: Character development. Character development and the movie wasn't needlessly and predictably dumb. If the happy ending was a bit abrupt, still it was a happy ending that made human and humane sense and made sense according to what had preceded it. The movie isn't going to win any awards, but it was a good movie in a small, compelling way.

It's nice to run across something that tints the skyline pleasantly.

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