Sunday, March 13, 2011

time travels

Much of the United States switched to Daylight Saving Time today.  Clocks that read 2 a.m. were reset in an instant to 3 without so much as a by-your-leave. "Spring forward in the spring. Fall back in the fall." In spring, we 'lose' and hour but in autumn, we 'gain' one.

To the extent that anyone might wish to accede to what others call time -- you know, get concerned, write answers on philosophy tests, and wistfully call up a past or future that is better or worse -- perhaps time is just a courtesy we extend to enemies and friends we would rather not disappoint.

In Japan, it is a time of profound shock in the wake of Friday's 8.9 earthquake. Thousands were killed. Buildings were eradicated. A tsunamai 30 feet high swept ashore at 500 mph. Nuclear power plants threaten to poison what they had sustained. It's enough to give even the greedy some pause ... or perhaps not: It didn't happen to me.

Other times, other places.


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