Thursday, March 24, 2011

public and private

A Russian computer hacker who put a porn video on an electronic Moscow billboard (20x30 feet) and created a traffic jam has been sentenced to 18 months in the slammer.

It made me wonder whether there would be enough jail space if everyone who privately viewed what was considered pornographic in public were likewise sentenced.

No word on whether those stuck in the traffic jam enjoyed themselves.

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  1. The following wound up in my email-box, but didn't appear here. God and computers are inscrutable, I guess. Anyway, I wanted to comment on it:

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "public and private":

    In public and both private...

    Dear Genkaku,

    After following your posts at e-sangha since 2004, reading your blog since I cannot remember when, and starting to practise penning my zen-ish thoughts on a personal blog, not as a mean to mimick you, but to understand your profound mind and also to merely help me cope with my own depression... it has been several months, and today, out of seemingly nowhere, an angel from the West popped by my blog to say hello, and say that my thoughts were to her liking.

    As a zen student, when praise or encouagement comes, I hvae to feel afraid. Really afraid.

    I guess it has to do with the eight worldy winds which Su Dong Po, a chinese poet experienced when he boasted to a Zen monk living in the Chinese mountains over a handwriten letter that he has atteind supramundane enlightenment "That all winds from eight directions will not sway his heart", and the wise old zen monk.. on reading Su's faggot satisfaction at his own accomplishment, wrote in reply a word "Fart". Su, angry, rushed to the monk that immediate morning to question him on the rude reply, and the zen master replied, "you said that eight winds will not sway your heart, but my little fart sent you across the river to my cave!"

    Sorry I lost it, where was i?

    I guess, I guess... I guess I just missed you like a son missing a father.

    You didn't send the angel right. You didn't right.. =)

    warm rubbishy wishes, fresh from the restored nuclear reactor

    Posted by Anonymous to genkaku-again at March 24, 2011 10:23 AM

    Somebardy -- Do try not to fear the angels of good will or bad. Praise and blame are just the same angel dressed for a different day. But neither do you want to make a fetish out of not-fearing: Most people live their lives according to their reliance on others, so certainly none of us are alone. Fearing an angel is like fearing the devil ... just a recognition of our own capacity to rely on others for our own peace of mind.

    Mostly, practice is pretty simple stuff:

    If you make a mistake, correct it.

    If you don't make a mistake, correct it.

    In this way, the angel has room to roam.