Friday, March 11, 2011

no strings attached

Yesterday, in the supermarket, I ran into a woman who also stands on the Saturday peace picket line. Among other things, she makes quilts and she is having an exhibition I plan to visit this afternoon at 5. Last week, on the picket line, with the exhibition looming, she said she was still uncertain about how much to ask for her work and I responded only half-flip-ly, "Charge a lot. People with the kind of income that allows them to buy something like a quilt don't believe they are getting something valuable if they aren't paying a lot for it." In the supermarket yesterday, she told me she had taken my advice ... and had sold several quilts so far.

But nudging gently at my brain today is an addendum I wish I had tacked on. Together with selling yourself dear when it comes to what you have created or can create, always be willing to give it away for free...without a backward glance ... and, if you like, with love. This ability enriches both the donor and the recipient, though of course in the minds of merchants it may be frowned upon.

Give it for free, irrespective of the recipient's mind-set. Give it for free because the recipient has done you a favor by receiving it.

No strings attached ... ahhh!

Talk about wealth!

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