Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"sunshine" on a grey day

Yesterday, the first day of spring, it snowed.

Today, an inch or two remains here and there and the skies are a wintry grey. But the sodden and down-trodden silence that filled the wintry air just two weeks ago is now alive with the lively chatter of springtime birds. Really, they make the kind of racket you might hear in a high school classroom before the teacher arrives.

To the ear, it is like looking at a painting in the making -- a painting once dulled with shades of grey and then all of a sudden a brilliant dash of alizarin crimson entered with a flourish. Are the birds arguing with what went before? Or are they simply announcing their arrival ... and the party can begin? I suppose the birds are just doing their thing while I sit here making up stories.

Whatever ... their noises are like sunshine on an overcast morning.

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