Saturday, August 20, 2011

being afraid

It's no fun being afraid. Social scientists may point out the healthy underpinnings of fear -- preservation, for example -- and the unhealthy potentials -- paranoia, for example -- but still, on an average day dealing with average stuff, fear is not much fun.

And after breaking the wishbone and finding ourselves with the winning half, the wish can arise in a whisper or scream: I wish I were no longer afraid.

No longer afraid ... how does anyone do that? And the only answer I can see is to exercise a fearless examination, tracking down each and every fear, back to its lair, back to its roots, back to the way things were before life seemed to insert all that fine print after proclaiming or positing something called happiness or peace.

It may not be easy and it may not be fun, but a fearless examination seems to be the only choice when it comes to stilling fears little and large. Where the camouflage of judgment and belief prove beyond a doubt to be powerless and stale, well ...

Stop being afraid.

Stop being afraid of being afraid.

Just look ...

And relax.

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