Wednesday, August 10, 2011

life without Facebook?

It may be an idle boast or it may not, but the internet-hacking group Anonymous has allegedly promised to disembowel and decimate Facebook, a 'social' networking site where untold millions spend large portions of their days and nights.

In a small way, it reminds me of the horror that might be visited on any country if, instead of explosive bombs, an ElectroMagnetic Pulse bomb were to knock out some or all national forms of communication and other electronic applications. Is there life after electricity? Probably, but it's not a scenario that looks very rosy.

Kids without Facebook? Will they implode? Based on the amount of enthusiastic use, it's a hard question not to ask.

But then, of course, it may just be an idle threat.


  1. It wouldn't be hard the code for Facebook or should that be farcebook is incredibly bad and bug ridden.

    It would be a huge favour to mankind if Facebook were removed permanently.

  2. This will really disappoint the Systems intelligence agency's, all that very useful personal data no longer at their disposal. My heart bleeds.....