Sunday, August 21, 2011

a gift from Daisy

Yesterday, as the summer sun gathered its force, eight or ten, mostly-sign-wearing people stood along the peace picket line on Main Street. I was standing next to Bill, one of the regulars, when a little girl holding her father's hand -- just two of the pedestrians passing by -- stopped in front of Bill and handed him a small sheet of paper on which there was a child-like line drawing of a face with a smile. In words printed with the relative neatness of a second- or third-grader, the message said, "Have a wonderful day." She handed it to Bill who, although he knows and greets a lot of people in town, did not know her.

"Thank you," said Bill. "What's your name?"

"Daisy," said the girl with a smile.

"Well thank you, Daisy. It's wonderful!"

Father and daughter then disappeared into the flow of pedestrians.

Out of nowhere. In the face of some pretty gloomy news ... a gift is born.

It made me wonder: Who is the real peace protester?

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