Tuesday, August 23, 2011

play or go home

If someone can't do the job, it's perfectly forgivable.

But if they won't do the job, that's a different kettle of fish.

Maybe that was what I found satisfying about the story out of Sodaville, Ore., where the mayor got fired for a slovenly performance record.

Of course everyone has their appreciation of what's performance and what's not, but still ... I like it: Play or go home.


  1. Strange absence of the accused point of view both on the news hight page even in the published interview.

    More interesting that it is the new mayor that provides some possible reasons.

    My first inclination is to wonder if he has mental illness, next whether he was was he the victim of arm twisting or blackmail.

    Then, again, there is a not so new way of making-money-by-not-working. Get hired with no intention of working or of doing a very conscientious job knowing one will draw a salary for a while. (Note that he was working multiple jobs.)

    Some may see this as a decline of integrity, still other will merely state it is business as usual, some others will say, "Yeah! We are all getting screwed over by the billionaire owned system, somebody got his!" They are glad someone is screwing the system back." Still, they then quickly avert their eyes and return to whatever slave labor they were doing.

    I prefer integrity, but a part of me is cheering. I fear that part is growing longing for fairness.

  2. Allan -- A shrink friend of mine once observed, "If a man punches you in the stomach, you don't ask if he lives in a rat-infested apartment."

    If you hire a man to dig a ditch, do you really care if he's a wizard from the high Himalayas or a dirt bag drug dealer from the wrong side of town?