Wednesday, January 9, 2019

bona fides

Is it a litmus test or am I simply displaying my encroaching Trump-tinged laziness?

It seems to me that increasingly every issue is preceded by or riven with a litmus test.

Gotta homosexual male?
Gotta lesbian?
Gotta trans-gender?
Gotta the most-lately-dubbed minority?
Gotta oriental?
Gotta woman?
Gotta 'challenged' individual?
A victim or two?
Gotta a wildcard slot for any who have been left out?

And having applied the litmus test, now, at last, perhaps, we can be treated to the substance of whatever story/argument is being laid out. Sports, politics, show biz... sometimes I just feel as if the fine print had been placed at the front of whatever document or position is being staked out.

I don't mean to diss or dismiss such considerations, but I am interested in issues, whatever they may be. A four-headed cat with a good argument is still a being with a good argument ... so what's the argument? Who fucks whom and how they dress and any other outstanding anguish ... what's the issue?

OK... probably just lazy.

1 comment:

  1. If I were a four legged dog, I want “know” that my interests are being taken seriously. Politicians who ignore any significant demographic do so at their peril.

    Likewise any politician who doesn’t have policies well developed ahead of time, does so at his or her peril.

    Sadly much of the media doesn’t dig into issues and policies much, fellow citizens even less.

    But it’s the citizen who need to br more proactive, or as “they” used to say, “ask questions.”