Tuesday, January 15, 2019

speed ... or something

Did it ever occur to you, as it just did for me, that if you turned around fast enough, you might catch a glimpse of your own ass passing in the moonlight?

Cause and effect....

Say what?!


  1. Things like this occurred to me as a child.

    If Superman could travel several times faster than the speed of light, he should be able to see his image going and returning.

    As for me nowadays I can see myself forgetting why I turned around.

  2. I have alot to say about this. But you could have been more spesific. Because i'm 30 i'm young enough to remember and wise enough to rationalize.

    You could see glimpses of your ass in the moonlight if you spin fast enough, not because i believe in Mahapurusha and a mahapurusha wouldn't be able to do it. But because the people in this world are according to Buddhist terminology asleep and not moving, it does matter you are aware and awake. There are holy and there are impure things. Like anime fighters and heroes say; I will beat you not because i am strong, but because you are weak. Grownups grow bulky and bigger (physically and mentally). Infants are like Tao says Tao Te Ching, birds of prey and wild animals can't hurt them, posion can't either, their muscles are weak and bones soft but their grip is firm, they can scream all day without getting hoarse, they get erection despite not knowing about the union of man and woman...

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