Thursday, January 10, 2019

impeachment effort?

The progressive billionaire Tom Steyer will not run for the White House. Steyer announced he would not pursue a presidential bid at an event in Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday afternoon.
Steyer, who earned his fortune as a hedge fund manager, has appeared around the country to organize around his Need to Impeach group, an effort to encourage support for the impeachment of Donald Trump. The group built a formidable email list of more than 6 million people committed to removing Trump from office.
“The impeachment question has reached an inflection point. That’s why I just announced that I will be dedicating 100% of my time and effort in 2019 towards Mr Trump’s impeachment and removal from office,” said Steyer.
The news was first reported by the New York Times.
He announced on Wednesday that he commit another $40m of his fortune to the group and defined success as either the House beginning impeachment proceedings or Trump resigning from office.
I have no way of weighing the seriousness or serious possibilities of this effort, but an additional 40 million dollars in the kitty sounds like an amount even Donald Trump might notice. Whatever the merits, I felt a strange (if unfounded) surge of relief that someone was going for the jugular. Like other mirror images of Donald Trump's political base, I too feel marginalized and anyone who can actually DO something feels like the right thing to do. Yes, we've all waded into the newly-decorated 'swamp' of Trump's devising.

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