Friday, January 4, 2019

"the baddest monks on the planet"

A Buddhist monk in Japan has excited a furor (or maybe just a furor-lette) after he received a traffic ticket for driving in long robes that might tend to impair his capacity to drive safely.
Buddhist monks in Japan have posted videos on social media to prove their traditional attire is no obstacle to safe driving after one of their brethren was fined....
Recent news reports of the incident sparked a show of solidarity from fellow monks in a stunning display of asceticism-meets-athleticism.
Of all the potential problems monk attire might pose for the wearer, driving strikes me as miles and miles down the laundry list.

But it's fun, right?


  1. Was he riding a motorcycle?

    Or did he schtup the kops gf?

  2. Take care of Lionel and let the world take care of itself.