Saturday, May 23, 2015

attention span worse than that of a goldfish

Canadian attention span is said to be shorter than that of a goldfish. Why the observation is limited to Canadians (or goldfish for that matter) is not quite clear to me. Moreover, the serious fallout from a dwindling attention span strikes me as far from funny ... the dumbing down that attends on Twitter and Facebook and 'multi-tasking' is no joke:

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  1. I suspect we can know this about Canadians because their leadership thought it worth investigating. And i suspect it may be worse in the states, but they don't want us to worry about it. I can say i spent well over 8 seconds trying to discover the world record for speed of picking a pocket. I finally gave up on that issue but did discover Bob Arno to be touted as the best. But i continue to suspect this information might be in some way related to the attention span issue. I can only apologize for my laziness and offer this in atonement. I might add that i find the stealing of underwear and a shirt was more of a magic trick than an actual theft, but what do i know about it?