Wednesday, May 27, 2015

small Buddhist icon, big human result

The spiritual path is littered with shards of penetrating glass, bits of old barbed wire ... proving itself over and over again capable of twisting its own best meaning. I keep a skeptical and occasionally jaundiced eye on what I practiced for so many years. Where the light shines brightest, it is well to keep an eye skinned for bullshit.

And then along comes a story that is so down-to-earth and so gentle and so nourishing that it shuts my skeptical, jaudiced gob. "How lovely," my mind says. "No reason not to take part in this small nourishment."

Here's the story that opened my taps today.

No big deal, but a pretty big deal, I think.

Or maybe I'm just getting old a squishy.

Reminds me of the old, straight-as-a-string shepherd's prayer that was admired by the Bal Shem Tov ... approximately ...

Dear God,
Though I keep the sheep
Of others for money,
For you I would keep them for free
Because I love you.