Friday, May 1, 2015

queen bee and her drones

Once, it was a matter of honor and pride for those attending Harvard and Yale and other well-anointed centers of learning to put their lives on the line and join their country's military forces. Nowadays, the smart money is on evading and eluding a public responsibility. It's the money, not the duty, that calls the shots.

Nor yet is this a matter limited to those who "were born on third base and imagine they hit a triple." Responsibility is on the wane and the ways of camouflaging the event vary.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly three-quarters of Americans say it's acceptable for the U.S. to use an unmanned aerial drone to kill an American citizen abroad if that person has joined a terror organization, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.
A majority, 6 in 10, supports the use of drones to target terrorists in general. Only 13 percent oppose the use of drones, the poll said, and another 24 percent don't feel strongly either way.
Everyone wants to be a queen bee -- cosseted and cared for -- and if drones are what it takes to bolster the scenario, well, "I deserve it."

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  1. Whatever the tool used, it's a vote to kill our problems rather than solve them.