Tuesday, May 5, 2015

re-engineering Jesus

Passed along in email was the newspaper tale of how police, using the Shroud of Turin as a starting point, have re-engineered Jesus to depict how he might have looked as a boy.

The re-engineering was done using the same technique that allowed police to bag Mafia chieftains in the past.

The story refers to the shroud -- without citing any source -- as "the world's most famous relic."

What good any of this might do for even the most devout Christian escapes me. I'm as much a fan of a good story as the next man, but seriously, what good can come of such stuff?

I'm not scoffing ... I'm really curious: Is anyone happier? Does anyone feel less pain? Is lamentation decreased or augmented?

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  1. It makes him look more European than the common western idea of Semitic. In the film Bedazzled, the one made in the sixties, the character who sold his soul to the devil for x number of chances to win a particular girl, asked Satan and was answered, as best i can remember it, "God is an Englishman isn't he? Oh yes, very upper crust."