Saturday, March 6, 2010

a bit of whimsy

Spring really is on the way ... and this morning I received the proof that my mind seems to insist on.

Under an end-to-end blue sky, just outside the porch, the sparrows that nest at the pinnacle of a stylized, triangular,wood-frame Christmas tree I have nailed to the house, are hard at work, gathering this year's bits of grass and twig and fortifying the nest they make each year.

I like the fact that they choose this spot below the eave and at the very top of the Christmas tree I never take down. A grouping of Christmas lights at that pinnacle allow the birds to shape their nest -- a kind of foundation. They create a foundation in what looks, on a cold winter's night, like a star, an extra-bright beacon on top of the 'tree.'

So I think of the sparrows as sort of nesting among the stars ... right outside my house ... in spring. It's just a bit of whimsy.

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