Thursday, March 11, 2010


Five discs of Mozart, one of bluegrass music and one of 'the three tenors' were what I got for my birthday and yesterday I went out and bought myself an upgraded sound system for the computer.

My musical buddy Dave suggested that I do this when I complained that I had no room and no checkbook for an upscale sound system and found that getting a simple radio with disc player -- and some decent sound -- was not an option unless I wanted to see the CD player collapse in a year or two.

I bought the speakers -- and, apparently tellingly, the subwoofer -- at Best Buy, got it home, plugged it in with my daughter's help ... only to find that the bass notes were good, but the treble was tinny. So I went back, returned the one I had bought, and paid for a more expensive one. The sound now is a bit like a ghetto blaster -- very powerful -- but the notes are truer and there's nothing saying I can't turn down the volume.

And now, I can drown in Mozart ... a death worth dying for my money.

Music is so wonderful. You can't touch it, taste it, smell it, see it, think it, or even, in one sense, hear it. But you can be consumed and wiped out with it. Gonzo!


What a nice reminder.


  1. Happy birthday genkaku. I still will keep my promise about buying your book. Is it good enough for a birthday present? :D

    It is a very cool thing that you have an upgraded sound system now. I listen to classic music myself on a radio which we got here in Norway (called NRK klassisk). A radio with just classic, imagine. It gets boring sometimes, but half an hour is excellent. Enjoy your music.

  2. Those are wonderful presents.
    Way to go!

  3. Happy belated Birthday :) Anita

  4. Death by Mozart is life itself.

    The joy of good music and good sound is truly mystic. I struggled with budget and what is available off the shelves, till I got myself a set of four 16" midrange cones, built them into a pair of cheap boxes (that are used for cheap outdoor speakers for public performances) with small dome aluminum tweeter, and a store bought subwooofer, and use it with my computer through a stranger preamp. I get to keep the volume low, real low, since it is a lot of decibels in there, and use the equalizers on my winamp to the max. I listen mostly to classical and jazz. The whole thing cost me less than 20 dollars.