Tuesday, March 23, 2010

visceral stuff

An irregular heart-beat made for four or five hours at the hospital today while very nice people fluttered and prescribed.

Funny how the body just knows something is wrong when something is wrong. It's not a matter of aching or complaining ... the body just knows as it might know that it was in an earthquake -- viscerally and without any recourse to language or emotion.

They freed me after a while with nostrums and directions.

Nothing like the perfected indoors-ness of a hospital to make the sky beautiful.


  1. "perfected indoors-ness" sent a shiver..that's an albatross.
    Thanks for the reminder Genkaku. I'll be noticing blue sky today and holding albatrosses with reverence.
    Much metta to you.

  2. The temporary nature of everything makes everything precious. I'm glad they returned you back into the wild.