Saturday, March 13, 2010

rewrite, revise, rethink

I just went through the first draft of my book that will be placed on Kindle-like electronic formats. This is happening with most of the internet heavy-lifting being done by my friend Julia, the Bodhisattva of internet gobbly-gook.

As usual, when it comes to bodhisattvas, it's not as if I get off scot-free. So I ran spell-check and then went through for an hour or better, replacing hyphens, where necessary, with dashes.


Old stuff, carefully combed, hoping against hope that I will not have to return to any of what I had once hoped could be marked "complete" or "finished" in my mind.

But I know it won't be that easy. The past is never exactly the past because the present calls it forth ... making it present.

Books, emotions, thoughts ... same stuff, different day. Over and over again, rewriting, revising, rethinking.

It's a good thing we have zazen to straighten things out.