Sunday, March 7, 2010

my kind of music

Like a peppermint popped into the mouth, Ikkyu's old line popped into my mind this morning and excited enjoyment:

"I am not a Buddha. I am just an ordinary fellow who understands things."

Usually, I dislike quoting others. Too often the quoting of others is used as a means of suggesting that the one doing the quoting has the same status or understanding or experience as the one quoted ... an elevation technique. Or, alternatively, even when the one doing the quoting has no such intention, the one hearing the quote may attribute that status or understanding or experience to the one doing the quoting. It's a messy and confused business either way.

But I like the Ikkyu line as I might like a Beethoven symphony or be delighted when greeting a dog wagging its tail. It's not something I understand and it's not something I aspire to ... it just makes me wriggle with pleasure.

It's just my kind of music.

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