Friday, March 19, 2010

serious up :)

Sometimes I think the whole of spiritual endeavor boils down to nothing more than the willingness to take seriously what you take seriously. The habit of relying on others is simply too limited. Understandable, but limited.

If chocolate ice cream or Buddhism or Ford pickups or getting laid or God or stamp collecting or family life or old age or death or running a marathon or fame or money or ... or anything else is what you take seriously, then that is enough. Now, serious up!

What anyone is serious about is what gets their attention -- what they are willing to expend effort in. Too often that seriousness relies on the seriousness of others, so limitations become institutionalized ... just a group hug of seriousness ... sometimes called solemnity.

But where the night is dark or reflection sets in, there are things that people take seriously without any prompting or need for confirmation: This, whatever it is, is just what they honestly take seriously. And it is in this realm that spiritual endeavor works its most effective magic.

It may take some time before anyone discovers what it is that they actually take seriously. OK.

But once having found whatever it is that honestly touches the heart and mind, then it is time to get serious, to look things over, to watch and take responsibility, to refuse to be diverted, to return again and again and again and again ... and see what happens. This is serious work for serious people, but it has the advantage of pointing out and actualizing what is sometimes called a limitless true nature.

Serious, serious-er, serious-est ... yes, it takes patience and courage and doubt. But the funny thing about this sort of seriousness is ...

You get to laugh.

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