Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shawn, "the plumber"

Shawn, the plumber, came to our house today and installed a new toilet. He also, without asking, tried to unplug a tub that for years has drained slowly. I never even mentioned the tub ... he just did it.

But more than the new toilet and the good work he apparently did, it turns out that Shawn, the 30-something man I know as a plumber, plays the mandolin and guitar. He is self-taught. And listening to his music on the computer, I felt as if it were he who had left me a tip.

Shawn, "the plumber." Sally, "the homemaker and soccer mom." John, "the lawyer and hiker." Even Olivia, "my daughter and college student."

And all the time, unheard, there is the music.


  1. "And all the time, unheard, there is the music"

    I like that. Very much.

  2. "And all the time, unheard, there is the music."

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. We all have our tune to play.