Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As far as I can figure out, everyone strives and sweats, enjoys successes and suffers setbacks, in pursuit of one goal or another. It may be nanoseconds or years in the making, but there is the effort. But there comes a point where the effort runs its course and there is -- good, bad or indifferent -- a conclusion that is reached, a point at which the willingness to sweat runs out and the willingness to relax takes over.

Whatever it is, it'll have to do. It may not be a perfect conclusion or the conclusion expected, but "it'll have to do" and I am willing to live with it. Spiritual endeavor, political affiliation, employment, religion, philosophy, grief, rapture, marital status, financial accumulations ... it'll have to do and I do what I can to feather the nest of conclusion. Belief takes over ... this is who I am.

And I see nothing unusual about any of this, except ....

Except to the extent that hard-wiring ourselves to our conclusions is bound to lead to sorrow. There is nothing wrong with reaching a conclusion as long as there is some acknowledgment that conclusions are never really conclusions. This is not meant as a criticism of conclusions. No need to wallow in a puddle of floundering relativism. It is just meant to suggest that the clutch and grasp that can accompany conclusions is a mistake.

Anyone can make a mistake.

And likewise anyone can correct one.

Sometimes I wonder why I write all this shit when there are perfectly good bumper stickers available ... as for example, "Don't believe everything you think."

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