Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a period on the sentence

Strange how the mind cries out for explanations of all things wondrous and heinous. Huge sums and long hours are devoted to the effort. Libraries fill up. Putting a period on the sentence seems to be part of our hard-wiring. Mountainous concrete evidence to the contrary convinces no one: If anyone could actually put a period on one sentence or another -- actually come up with The Explanation -- why would libraries continue to accumulate still more books; why would the internet not grow still?

What brought this to mind was a large study done by John Jay College that investigated the why's and wherefore's of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. The molesting of mostly young boys by priests is such a heinous notion that the average on-looker is left speechless and enraged. This ... is ... beyond... the...pale.

But there must be an explanation, right? -- something that will define the problem and in so doing offer credible solutions. And the same reflex search for explanations and meaning goes for other situations as well -- even the ones that are less explosive and vile, even the ones that are a pure delight. If we corral and explain it, things will be settled.


Anyway, here are a couple of news stories about the John Jay College report, one by The Associated Press and the other by The Washington Post.

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