Monday, May 30, 2011

I assume....

Sometimes I laugh at the assumptions of the spam email I receive:

Perhaps they assume I want a longer, wider, more profound pecker.
Perhaps they assume I'm dying for a windfall from Nigeria.
Perhaps they assume a Buddhist get-together is right up my alley.
Perhaps they assume I really would like to be one of "God's elect."
Perhaps they assume that buying a penny stock guaranteed to soar is my cup of tea.

Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I despair of the fact that somehow someone somewhere has found a way to link me to these annoying topics.

But even as I smile or grimace ... it makes me consider my own assumptions ... even if I do my best not to turn them into spam.

For all that, while we're on the topic, if you send me a buck or the pin number to your bank account, I might put it to some use. :) The best scam I ever saw was once printed in the classified advertisements of the Village Voice. It said, simply, "Last chance! Send one dollar! (And a PO box number)."

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