Tuesday, May 17, 2011

daily mayhem

There are construction people in the house, spiffing up the kitchen a bit. Their activities mean that other activities, once mindlessly enjoyed, are out the window. There are stacks of this and stacks of that in rooms that are not the kitchen and its adjoining ante-way. Strolling to the refrigerator for a belt of orange juice has to be thought through and requires a request for admittance.

There's always something to upset the apple cart I guess.

My daughter graduates from college on Saturday and shortly thereafter will move to Pa. with her boyfriend who got a job there. The fabric of the household will change and I will miss her sometimes-imperious certainties ... usually leveled at her brothers.

It's raining ... a steady-since-yesterday exemplification of the grey skies above. The rain (who knows if it's true) seems to exacerbate the aches and pains that greet me gaily in the morning and make me wonder why getting up is a sensible idea: Maybe if I stay still enough, the universe will straighten out ... which of course is pure wet dream material, but I have never been one to turn away a good wet dream.

It's always something, right?

If it weren't something, what would it be?

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  1. Anonymous BloggerMay 17, 2011 at 3:36 PM

    "If it weren't something, what would it be?"

    Is this a test.
    Let's see:

    Logically it seems that it couldn't be "Not Something" which would be "Nothing."
    So I'd have to say it was "Something Else," just to be clear.
    The truth is "Something Else" is also "Something."

    But then I suppose, upon further consideration that "Nothing" can be used to refer to something, like, let's say the state of having or being "nothing."

    That's why "It's always something is one of those wonderful meaning free platitudes that we all can agree to sagely.

    Isn't that something now?

    Yeah. It's pretty stupid.

    P. S. Grandpa says "you always move the refrigerator out of the kitchen whenever they come in to paint or renovation the kitchen. I think he's right. The construction people are always happy to have more room to work.