Friday, May 6, 2011

gourmet eating

A gourmet is defined as someone who knows a lot about high-quality food and/or eats it.

Eating, as my stomach will attest, is a long-standing and ingrained habit. On the one hand, I'd be dead without it. On the other hand, I choose to think of gourmet food as both delicious and satisfying. I do not need a faux French fellow serving me.

Today I served myself what I found to be a gourmet lunch. Not in anybody else's terms, perhaps, but in my own. It was both satisfying and delicious. Half a grapefruit sliced into wedges so as not to waste so much. Two hard-boiled eggs chopped up with a little mayonnaise. Five Triscuits with which to dip up the egg salad. A glass of cold water. And a chunk of bitter-sweet chocolate for dessert.

Hardly the stuff of Gourmet magazine and yet it was, for my purposes and delights, perfect -- a real gourmet meal.

Now all I have to do is figure out a way to eat without gaining more weight and the universe, which is lost without my direction and purposes, will be perfectly aligned.


  1. Funny you posted this. I've been really trying to eat better the past few days. Mostly it's quantity for me that's a problem. It's pretty easy to eat right though, so long as I don't follow my habits and just pause for a moment to think about what I'm about to buy or eat. All it takes is a moment of questioning myself about whether or not I really want/need it, and I'll choose wisely. The hard part is remembering to pause.